The renewable energy industry contributed nearly one fifth of the UK’s electricity mix in the first quarter 2014. New statistics from DECC revealed renewable technologies produced 18.1TWh of clean energy, a 43% rise compared to the same period in 2013. Electricity produced from onshore wind increased by 62% in the first quarter to 6.6TWh.

On 17th August, 22% of the UK’s electricity was generated by wind alone (onshore and off), beating the previous 24-hour record of 21% set on 11th August. Before that, the record stood at 20%, set on 20th December 2013. This is enough to power more than 15 million homes at this time of year, according to the statistics from National Grid. During this day wind was generating a greater proportion of the UK’s electricity needs than coal (13%), solar (3%), biomass (3%) and hydro (1%). Nuclear generated 24% and gas 26%. This record generation is a result of increased installed capacity and above average wind speeds (partly due to Hurricane Bertha).