Nick Wood and Lydia Whyatt give their views on current industry trends and where deal flow will come from for the firm’s recently launched Resonance Industrial Water Infrastructure Fund.

In the article Nick Wood explains: “The whole theme of real assets is gaining in importance amongst institutional investors, because it provides them with an income stream that isn’t necessarily correlated to investments they already have”.  He adds: “Some of those investors are particularly attracted by the environmental benefits that water investments can deliver to industry”.

The article sheds light on the fund’s initial project flow, and discusses opportunities in Europe and Asia.  Lydia Whyatt comments : “A key driver in Asia is the fact that a lot of corporates don’t have expertise in wastewater treatment, and hence they would rather outsource it to somebody who knows how to do it”.  In addition, there is an established infrastructure base in Europe which needs upgrading to meet regulatory standards.