In today’s investment climate, investors are seeking sources of sustainable yield to complement traditional yielding assets: government bonds, corporate bonds and real estate.

The funds we manage aim to deliver consistent and low-risk cash flow returns from real assets with long-term revenue and cost visibility. The assets may also provide a degree of inflation protection because of the nature of their industries and contractual arrangements.

Resonance uses its industry knowledge and relationships to originate and structure specific operating asset investment opportunities. It constructs specialist management teams to create and to operate the assets effectively on behalf of investors.

The funds we manage are natural buyers of existing assets from project developers, large industrial companies, utilities, banks and governments. Certain funds also invest in assets at development and construction. 

The funds attract institutional investors with long-term investment horizons who seek predictable and consistent returns to complement other income generators in their portfolios.

Investors include pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations and family offices.